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Jerimoth: Search for Tech Jobs, Post Your Resume, and Post Tech Job Offers

Jerimoth is a free, Open Source web service that lets you submit your resume and search for technical jobs.

Jerimoth stores resumes and employment postings in a highly-structured XML format that has tremendous advantages over ad hoc formats. This format is compatible with the HR-XML standard. (If you're the type that likes to skip ahead, you can see an example of an XML resume here).

Storing employment offers in XML means that if you're looking for a specific type of job in a specific city, you don't have to hunt and peck to find that information: each XML-formatted job posting has that information in a section defined by an XML schema. HR-XML lets you target the exact type of jobs you want.

Likewise, employers who receive an XML-formatted resume can see at a glance your work history and other qualifications.

You can start using the service now and begin searching for contracts, full-time employment, and other types of jobs in minutes.

The software that powers this service is also called Jerimoth and the software (both client and server) has been released as Open Source. The client and server are written using Java and communicate using SOAP (currently Apache Axis) web services. Developers: visit to download the source code.

Getting Started

First, download the client software from the download page.

Then, read the installation instructions and create an account as described at that page.

The Job Seekers page describes how to enter your resume and search for jobs.

To post a job, see the Job Posters page.

And, if you're a developer, see the Developer's page.

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