free tech job search and resume posting Frequently Asked Questions

Are job searches and resume posting free?

Yes. During the introductory period, job posting is free as well.

How do I automatically post jobs?

If you're a developer, see the developers page. If you aren't a developer, during the introductory period we can provide a small amount of free assistance helping you automate postings.

How many jobs can I post per day?

If you intend to post a large quantity of jobs, please contact us beforehand with the details: how many, posting size, posting rate, etc. Depending on resource constraints, we may have to limit the number of job postings per day, but that figure has not been determined yet.

Is this just for tech jobs?

During the introductory period, yes. "Tech jobs" involve programming, technical writing, etc. When the client and server software have matured and, for instance, we're using an installer we'll open this to a wider variety of jobs.

How do I keep updated?

In the future there might be a mailing list or discussion forum. In the meantime, to be kept informed of new versions subscribe to the feed at That blog has a low-volume of postings, and all Jerimoth-related announcements will be made there and at this site.

Who runs this site?

This site is operated by Samizdat Productions. Our site is The software was written by Chris Kelly, owner of Samizdat Productions.

What's a Jerimoth?

This product is named after Jerimoth Hill, the highest point (812') in the smallest state (Rhode Island, of course). Because Jerimoth Hill is on private property, access is a bit difficult and it's currently only open to the public four days each year.

I "climbed" Jerimoth Hill at 5pm on October 8, 2000, the last access date of that year. Thus, I have the honor of (perhaps) being the last person (besides the property owners and their affiliates) to stand on the peak of Jerimoth Hill in the last millennium. I take what I can get.

See for more information on those (like me) who try to get to the highest point in each state.

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